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Would you inject yourself with hormones to lose weight? Expert refers to famous HCG diet in the radio

Weight is a subject for many not only at this time, but throughout the year. Every time there are more ways to lose kilos, some surprise for their speed and fame.

Some diets become well known because they are followed by recognized characters, one of which is the diet of “hormonal injections” also called the “pregnancy hormone”. This way of losing weight involves the injection of the hormone hcg injection (Human Chorionic Ganadotropin), a molecule that occurs just during pregnancy and that many doctors use to treat fertility problems.

But not only consists of injections that make you lose more fat, you must also follow a diet of 500 calories per day for 23 days, a point that experts criticize as harmful to health, as it could cause kidney and cardiovascular problems.

In conversation with “Espacio Libre,” Alexander González, a nutritionist at the Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile, pointed out that this diet has been polular lately, mainly due to research that says that its frequent administration (either injectable or orally in drops) would – supposedly – lower the amount of fat.

Regarding this hormone, the specialist indicated that it is present at high levels from conception. “When a woman becomes pregnant, she quickly increases her levels, in fact, the pregnancy tests detect her – that is why a woman can be said to expect a baby – and she has been associated with playing an important role in the redistribution of fat, which would aim to feed the growing child. ”

On its use to lose weight, González said that there is not “enough scientific evidence to be able to say that the treatment is effective. In fact, the kilos loss seen in most patients, rather than the hormone, is due to the very low calorie diet associated with their injection. “

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