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The importance of email on the radio

Currently, large well-defined lists of emails are a very important tool in digital marketing. Hire a copywriter who engages in writing content post your station is a very good idea.

Presslaff warned about sending emails to everyone. Said “should not disturb people who are more important than your” must not send an email to all your listeners at the same time, Presslaff recommends that when a new listening register through your mail to your station, you do several questions different to know what kind of messages and emails are most appropriate for them. For thus you can give you quality content that appreciates and values.

The regional director of marketing chain Bay Area News Group news says that there are five reasons to use emailappend:

  1. Because it works the same on all devices (phones, computers and tablets)
  2. It has long messages to express themselves well
  3. Has a lot of data, such as use, segmentation, targeting and metrics for measuring ROI
  4. high response rates in digital advertising options
  5. People have confidence to e

She says she put links in emails gives you a higher rate of response to emails and events to give free or free items through these inputs.

Another good tool for email is to offer advertisers mails as part of a campaign. This integrates the advertiser ecosystem of the station and helps you get better results. You must analyze the statistics of your emails to see what else works, keep these statistics and Show it to potential advertisers to convince them to join you.It included in these statistics all possible data for advertisers to choose wisely and negotiate with you.

You must also be careful with your mail provider, as an unreliable supplier can make your emails reach you to the wrong person, or when they should not be sent or to be considered as spam. You have to find ways that your emails do not reach the listener spam tray to thus earn more income from advertisers and more attention and response from users.

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