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The healthy diet and diet of blood group on Radio DJ

The Dr. Piero Mozzi , author of the famous book “The diet of Dr. Hubs” aired a few weeks ago on Radio-DJ , on the occasion of the program Fabio VoloThe Flight of the Morning .”
During the radio broadcast doctor spoke his theories on the blood type diet , explaining exactly how it works and what is this diet.
Dr. Hubs believes that for every blood group exists of beneficial foods , the neutral foods and harmful foods , so the diet recommended by the doctor is based on ‘ elimination (or at least the reduction) of certain foods in favor of other, more Pastillas Naturales para Adelgazar healthful.
L’ goal of the blood type diet, as clarifies the same dr. Hubs on its website ( ) and his work – ill book “The diet of Dr. Hubs” – is to improve the quality of life and therefore improve their health. In his book the doctor explains not only what foods are best avoided and which ones are preferred, but also how to recognize the signs, or rather the symptoms by which our body tells us that “something is wrong.”
Then there are some foods that Dr. Hubs racconamda to all, without distinction by blood type, to eliminate. These include milk and dairy products and cereals that contain gluten and pork .
Interesting then a consideration made by Fabio Volo , which confirms that they address acervical bad (problem that hardly is reconnected to the food), simply eliminating dairy products from their lives. the diet for health
So you define the diet proposed by Dr. Hubs “an easy diet to put into practice, effective and lasting results.” As he himself states, but they also declare many of his patients. It is not easy to explain in a few words what it is, because Hubs prepare a meal plan specifically only after listening very well the patient, after asking him what he eats, what he drinks and when (for example during meal times), if it makes exercise. The result is a very personalized diet, meant to lead the sick person not only to correct food errors but also to reflect on their lifestyle habits and to understand that, as Mozzi said, healing is within us and must not come from outside , by a drug.
Moreover, Piero has never prescribed drugs to anyone, merely to cure with natural remedies and herbal remedies – he prepares oleolites and tinctures with cultivated and wild plants ecovillage.
in addition to the theory of blood groups , Hubs also relies on food combinations suggested dall’igienismo, philosophy and practice of life that proposes the respect of natural laws for obtaining the health and well-being, as you can see in the testimonies given in the box at the bottom.

merits and limits
Mozzi has the merit of having chosen to treat without drugs, to consider the patient an individual to listen to the end before proposing a cure, to insist on the ability to heal and return to a natural balance. And the theory that the ports blood type imprinted inside her ancient inheritance is not lacking in charm.
Perhaps, however, remains a bit ‘mechanistic idea that the psyche has no role in the genesis of disease, much less in their healing. It also appears a bit stiff the type of diet: while admitting that the modern diet leads to abuse and should be modified, perhaps not even worth falling into the opposite.

The portraits of blood groups according to D’Adamo >> Group 0 : hunter-gatherer
– especially carnivorous diet, few starchy foods.
– Ready to ulcers and inflammatory diseases for the excess of hydrochloric acid production.Need a strenuous exercise.
– Key foods NO: wheat gluten, corn, sunflower and lentils (yes if sprouted), white and red beans, potatoes, peanuts.
– YES Food: seafood, liver, iodized salt algae .

>> blood type a: a farmer
– especially vegetarian diet and cereal.
– delicate digestive system due to poor production of hydrochloric acid.
– Yes to gentle exercise and relaxing (eg. Tai Chi).
– Principal foods NO: wheat excess, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant, red beans, cabbage, meat and excess dairy.
– Food YES: legumes, fermented products, vegetable oils, soy products.

>> Group blood B: nomadic
– varied diet.
– Predisposition to disease autoimmune. Yes moderate exercise (for example physical. Swimming).
– Key NO foods: chicken, peanuts, wheat, corn and buckwheat, lentils.
Food YES: vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat.

>> Group Blood AB
– more varied diet .
– Predisposition to anemia.
– Key foods NO: oilseeds, butter, red meat, wheat, corn and buckwheat, red bean.
– food YES: tofu, vegetables, fish, dairy products, algae.

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