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The best music songs to learn English singing

From What’s Up! always we committed to learning English and having fun practicing , so we talked about how to learn watching series or reading . On this occasion, we’ve compiled some songs that you will enjoy and learn a lot by listening and singing in English.

Listen and sing in English really works . The rhythm of the music and repetition helps us to memorize the songs will be “stuck” in the head ( stuck inside your head ). In addition you can contact the English everyday and you get used to different accents.

As you can see, there are only advantages, but before we start, we will give some tips for you to profit the most.

Choosing the right songs

To choose well, you must consider several factors. The first is that you like the song. There are millions of them, do not make sense not enjoy it !

That said, it is also important that you choose songs whose vocalists sing more or less clearly . No matter the accent, it is indeed good to hear different accents, but they must vocalize it or will not be a good example to follow.

It is also important to choose appropriate to your level of vocabulary songs, not too easy, not too difficult. This depends on each person, so if the practice with a song turns out to be too easy or, on the contrary, so complicated that does not understand anything, better use another.

Finally, it may be well to listen to songs that tell a story , as this will help you to “visualize”, although this is not essential.

Search music in the right place

Ideally, at least initially, you read the lyrics of the songs you are listening. Youtube and Vimeo have many videos as karaoke subtitles, but did you know that Spotify also has the option to read the lyrics of many songs?

Any of these sites is good to practice, Are you think of any more?

Working vocabulary

To get the most out of working with songs is highly recommended look in the dictionary words that have not understood. To do this is a good idea to look for the lyrics of the song and read it before you hear it . Do you have ever stopped to think about what they talk about those songs that you love? Seeking ” name of the song + lyrics ” is easy to find the lyrics of almost any song.

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Sing along!

Which means, Sing at once! This is not only to understand what you hear, but also sing. Adjust to the rhythm of the song is a challenge, but it helps to remember, as we said before. Ideally , work songs, reading the letter the first time to go learning them . Once you know the memory you will be able to sing in the car, in the ducha..o where you want. Equal to one is given as well that dares to sing in a karaoke and everything. Then we leave the songs that we have collected, including videos with subtitles:

1. Songs that tell a story

Some songs may well be a story. This is good example In the ghetto, Elvis Presley, a real tearjerker about a boy of slum, here’s the full story:

Another interesting story is that of murderer Mack the knife , in this case sung by Michael Buble, who is a great singer to learn so clearly pronounced.

2. Fun Songs

Not everything will be tragedy, there is more fun as we are told in song Pulp Common People , about a rich girl who wants to be “like normal people”

It is also fun the Lazy Song , Bruno Mars, which speaks simply of how lazy is, but it is an earworm (bone, which remains stuck in the head). With it you will learn some expressions slang very common, as wanna , ’cause or freakin’.

3. perfect songs to practice grammar

Many songs are pretty simple letters, which does not make them bad, but that limit us to learn something from them. However, not all are like that . If it is to review verb forms, a good song is Son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield.

Natalie Imbruglia also uses various grammatical structures in their song Torn , free to anyone to say that pop is simple!

No list of songs to learn English that does not include the Beatles. His clear pronunciation makes them good candidates. However, this song is here because it is great to review the future and conditional.

When I’m Sixty-four

4. perfect songs to practice pronunciation

As we know there are many varieties of English, well, this nice song by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong you will see some variations in pronunciation, which makes it especially interesting for English learners. It tell us how difficult it is to adapt to the couple.

Let’s call the whole thing off

Another perfect song to practice pronunciation is California dreamin ‘ , the classic theme of the Mamas and the Papas, which tell us how much they miss the Californian summer.

Finally, any song Adele is good to practice pronunciation, as well vocalizes. Proof of this is his last issue, Hello

TIP: If you really want to learn pronunciation, search topics rap in English and notice how the rhymes are made. 

5. And for the bravest:

Sometimes the songs that we like are … complicated, but not have to surrender. We left for the end a song for the more adventurous, a classic, Informer , Snow. Who dares with her?

It’s hard to find songs for everyone, but here you can get an idea of what kind of songs are the best to practice English. We hope you learn a lot with them!

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