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Locksmiths who become local communicators

The microphone has nothing to do with the welding arc. No, until both reach the hands of  Agustín Aldo Mamani , the communicator / locksmith of  Rio Abajo , who handles one and the other with equal expertise, one in his metalworking workshop and the other in Radio del Valle, the Mecapaca radio station.

Like Agustín, hundreds of men and women combine daily the job that allows them to guarantee daily sustenance with their passion for radio or television
Days ago,  Agustín Aldo Mamani  had his quarter of an hour of national fame in a way that he himself had not wanted. Police officers detained him along with a group of people from  Mecapaca  who had participated in a mobilization in the South Zone of the city of La Paz. He had told the soldiers that he was a communicator, but his identity card denied it: He says “Artisan”, in the  “Profession / Occupation” box .
How to make the uniformed understand that a locksmith can do journalistic coverage of a march?  Worse yet if you carry a video camera and says that uploads to Facebook to report the fact.”As far as I know nobody is forbidden to have several trades,” Agustín defends himself. Yes, but microphones and welding arcs do not usually go hand in hand
I already imagine  Humberto Gumucio , from the municipality of  Fernández Alonso , trying to convince the police that radio and fishing can complement each other perfectly. Throughout the night, he stretched his nets in the waters of the Rio Grande to reach his house at dawn, turn on his transmitters and open broadcast with his first warning: “Fresh fish arrived.”
For the benefit of the soldiers who detained him, it must be said that Agustín did not wear his credential when he was arrested. In defense of him it is necessary to point out that in his municipality he does not need it, because, all the people of the place know that he is the local locksmith in Epping who speaks to him daily on the radio.
An iron story 
11When he was an orphan of father and mother, when he was only five years old, Agustín was in charge of his grandmother and then of an uncle. The school loses from a distance when the priority is to monetize the workforce.He could hardly win the fifth year of Primary.
Upon the return of the Military Service, which he lent in the municipality of Guayaramerín, a friend offered him the opportunity to enter the world of iron. There were no other alternatives: “I did not like it very much, but it was the only thing. Then I was learning and I was converting it into an art “.
But he has always been a radio lover. He listened to  San Gabriel ,  Panamericana  and, when he lived in the city of  El Alto , he was a faithful follower of Radio Pacha Qamasa. He never dreamed of being in front of a microphone one day, until a friend told him that he had a “pirate radio” and that he could speak for her if he helped pay for the electric power. It was love at first ear …
On his return to  Mecapaca,  the first thing he did was to contact  Radio Taypi Chullo , one of the first stations in the area. The treatment was the same, to make your program in exchange for a small payment that allows you to raise money to cover the consumption of electricity. It did not take him long to become famous and become a correspondent for the Erbol Network.
It was then that the journalist and historian Carlos Soria Galvarro , who founded  Radio Sur Agricultura , crossed his path  . He invited him to produce a program for the station and showed him several possibilities to strengthen his capacities in the world of communication, such as the one offered  by the Municipal Democracy Support Program (PADEM)  to local communicators throughout the country.
Soria Galvarro  is an admirer of the discipline and capacity that Agustín has to learn and to take advantage of the possibilities that are open to him, however small they may be. He often asks himself what would have become of him if, at the time, he had the training opportunities he needed to dedicate himself fully to journalism.
And Agustín not only develops journalistic work in Mecapaca, but also promotes communication campaigns aimed at improving municipal services such as education or prevention of violence against women.
Radialist and locksmith, but never stoned … 
“I was always struck by that sign on the minibuses: ‘Do not mistreat the seats’. If we remove only the ‘No’ the sign changes completely in meaning: ‘Maltrate the seats’. That is why those who do communication must do our job well “ , says Agustín, in an attempt to delimit the ethical framework of his work.
He decided to get involved in the media when he saw that renowned social communicators from thecity of La Paz misinformed instead of informing. He believes that approaching the truth is the challenge of all those involved in this field.
The only thing he misses is his camera that still does not recover from the hands of the Police
In this way, he sees his detention as one of the risks involved in journalistic work. He does not regret having closed his locksmith shop that day to give rein to his passion for the microphone. “I went up to report the blockade, I did not know they were going to leave, but as there was the march I had to go after the news,” he says. And he arrived after the information to the very doors of the police district in which the residents of Mecapaca were arrested : “They had to be shown so that their relatives could see them and give them help .  
The only thing he misses is his camera that still does not recover from the hands of the police. He bought it two years ago with the money he generates in his locksmith shop. She knows that she is as important as the generator set in her work with the iron. He also wants his name to be excluded from the list of suspects to stone the buses of the Municipal Transport Service “Puma Katari” , because he knows that this affects his prestige as a radio operator, but also as a locksmith. At the end of the day, for him both always go hand in hand …

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