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Coffee machines, cold drinks and snacks of Patio Radio

Hands up who has not gone early in the morning or after lunch for a coffee at the vending machine company. I every days. For this I have no excuse for missing work. I am there always punctual as a clock.

Reasons to install a vending machine in the company

Do not tell me in your work do not have vending machines. What is thinking HR? It is a great way to keep people down the street for coffee.

At certain times the bars are full and breakfast breaks can be extended in time. Employees are slow to return to their jobs. Which means you may not be anyone in the department chair heating. More than a manager could give you a heart attack.

In my office we do have vending. Although we have the film told us otherwise. It is to make us happy 😂 You know, the more motivation, increased productivity.

The coffee bar costs 1.20 euros or even more, while the vending goes for 30 cents. What Majetes! Look for our economy. ‘Yuhuu !!
Although we can not lower the street, it took the same or more with a coffee vending.

The vending machine is the meeting point of the office

The coffee machine ends up becoming a meeting place. Cliques where you tell your form teammates what you did over the weekend or on vacation.You speak of diseases and education of your children. Football League.

And of course it is the nerve center of Patio Radio. There you hear of all the brilliant decisions taken at the Steering Committee. Half of all those reports are hoaxes and rumors, by the way. As it happens as the game escacharrado phone. One tells another a story and gradually it is transformed to have nothing to do with the original information. This is how rumors are born in the office.
The truth is I had a good time drinking that coffee. These moments are so special that in Spain there is a TV series, House and Café.

The pause always at the same time

What you do always breaks at the same times? You, Me and the rest of the companions approached us every day at about the same time. At certain times of the day is even the busiest subway . So sometimes you have to save turn to get the coffee machine rental for office Singapore.

In my case I make two breaks:
1⃣ the morning as arrived at the office. I’ve already told you that I do not wake up until lunchtime. So I need a dose of caffeine they arrive, to see if a miracle happens and espabiló before going down to eat.
2⃣ When many of you still are eating. At 15.00. It is that I like at 13 am in little over half an hour. So before I go out in the afternoon, it is what has flexible hours hehe

The kitchen catches me on the other side of the office. So, before I got up, I call my colleagues:
– Hey! I pa’llá, do not tardéis to get that today is the big boss in the office and I have counted minutes.

Sometimes we go there cackling time. When I take long to return to the public area, then he comes looking for me :
– Erika, come, come back to the table, we have to make some calls
Aaarrrgg is what a spoilsport!

To fix this, what I do is to close a meeting a couple of hours right in my breaks. For example: I put a meeting from 15.00 to 17.00. At 15:05 I’ll take coffee. This can turn into a real desktop. I only need the cup and pure 😂😂 took longer to take a coffee eating.

Type of vending machines

Whether you do not work in an office. Vending machines in hospitals, the university, in the subway, highway rest areas. All we have seen and we all bought something in them.

1. Coffee Machine

The variety is almost as large as that of Starbucks. You can choose from black coffee, cut, stained, milk, capuccino with hazelnut or chocolate, American, expresso … Of course, no lack of red tea or hot chocolate.

Price comparison:

In the vending 30 to 60 cents
In a normal cafe it costs 1.20.
In the business district of Madrid, a coffee you can even cost double. Once I blew in Costa Coffe 3 euros for a capuccino. Fortunately you can always catch the super offer coffee + croissant to 2.25 euros in the Delinas.

Why is it so cheap coffee in these machines?

Let ‘s be clear. No coffee quality is what attracts us like flies.
Coffee is brown powder. Milk powder is tetra-brick or water – based white coloring. Water is a reservoir on the inside of the machine.
Tell me have you ever seen him clean the tanks and ducts? I jamás.En inside the machine is accumulated dirt, lime sludge at the bottom raising life. As a result, coffee has that flavor so characteristic. Many end up getting used to the aftertaste that leaves you in the mouth.

2. Refreshments

In these machines will find Coca-Cola normal or light, Acquarius and mineral water. Price: 50 – 60 cents
The prices of these machines down the street or in the subway up even more. A water bottle 50 cl costs 1.20 euros.
I do not know if you noticed that in Madrid is more common to drink Coca-Cola. While coastal sites take more Pepsi. I’ve noticed that the Pepsi tastes like syrup and when I go to the beach and ask for a Coke in a bar, trying to sneak a Pepsi. Always the same discussion:
– Let’s see would not have asked Coca-Cola?
– Yes
– And what is this?
– A Pepsi, is that here we have Coca-Cola
– If I ask is because I want A and B. It is not the same Would I can bring water, please?
And always they look at me like Mars.

3. Food

Food vending machines is basically industrial bakery. There’s nothing healthy. Not a sad yogurt or a piece of fruit. They may have orange juice will be a mixture of water, sugar, preservatives and dyes.
Kit-Kat: 60 cents
chips: 1 euro
Sandwich with bread and cheese gum plastelina: 1.50 euros

Health benefits

Do you have problems with constipation? Yes? Well, friend, let yourself eating fiber and yogurts. The coffee machine is holy hand for these cases.It works better than a laxative. You can visit here

As des the last drink, you will get the cold sweats and pangs of death.You will doubt even your ability to get to the bathroom. And when you’ve finally reached the finish line and you’re sitting on the throne with your “color explosion”, will come someone who will hear these stomach bursts.

You have to interrupt the operation and wait for it to go, as you fall chorretones of sweat on his forehead.
Aaayyy that evil happens. And what hobby architects have offices open partitions to services above and below. No privacy.
The coffee flavor cloaca and suffered diarrhea have caused me to prepare my coffee at home and I carry it in a thermos to trabajo.No was an easy task to find a thermos
– has no mercury
– to which he is not leave the liquid and pringue you everything you carry in your bag
– to keep the coffee warm for hours

I had to scratch my pocket and buy many thermoses to find one to meet the above three conditions.
Now no longer I spend a penny in the vending because besides cookies breakfast I took them home too. My coffee is delicious and warm for more than 4 hours.
Best of all, no longer leave the service fired up going down the legs.

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