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A radio for the shower that generates its own energy

For some the routine of getting up in the morning and enduring in the best possible way the early morning of each day becomes almost a ritual. Each person has their preferences, but most opt for a good breakfast accompanied by a steaming coffee and a shower that clears the mind, remove the legañas and wake him up completely. It is there, in the shower, where many listen to music or their favorite radio show. It’s been a long time since they invented the radios that stand in the shower without getting damaged. But this type of radio has been given a new twist.

It is a radio for the shower that, of course, can get wet, but it also takes advantage of the tap water to generate the energy it needs to operate. In this way, you can listen to the radio without batteries or a plug. Each time they invent more devices that take advantage of daily habits to produce energy.

The invention has been christened H2O Power (something like water power or water energy). Its installation is simple. It can be placed below or above the tap (depending on the model of this).

The operation is even simpler. Simply open the tap and the radio is powered by clean energy (never better, since even the user remains clean after using it) and renewable. The excess energy produced is stored in a battery that is inside and that is used when the water jet does not pass through the device and, in this way, you can continue listening to the radio while you wash your teeth. dress or throw the creams against aging.

The idea comes from a British company and that has already started to market the device in some European countries. In addition, it is pending to obtain patent licenses in countries such as the United States, China and South Korea.

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