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What Do You Give Music Fans Who Think They Have Everything?
A whole wide world of less-obvious musical artifacts awaits music fans.

Cole Gets His Own Post Office
Singer Natalie Cole took part in a ceremony to rename an LA Post Office after her legendary father Nat King Cole.
Tim Ries Covers Rolling Stones
Tim Ries is not the first jazz artist to record songs by the Rolling Stones.

No Bush vs. Gore in '04
Gore told "60 Minutes" that he won't challenge George W. Bush in 2004 even though he thinks he could win.

Embattled US Senator Under Growing Fire
Trent Lott faced the first serious challenge to his role as the Senate majority leader from two fellow Republican senators.

UK says Iraq Arms Dossier Contains Huge Omissions
Findings suggest that London and Washington are lining up to press for action against Baghdad in the new year.

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Songs for wedding videos: the best ideas

In the same way that you needed to think about it before deciding how you wanted the wedding invitations to be and you are taking some time to choose original ideas for weddings and each of the wedding details that you want to give to your guests, choosing music for religious weddings and the most appropriate music for the video of the link also requires your time. And it is that, although it may seem like a simple task, it is convenient to meditate well on your choice, because it is a memory that you will keep forever. The songs must really like you!

You have the option that the same people in charge of the video choose the background songs while they edit it, although if you make the initial selection and give it to the professional to whom you entrust the video, you will keep the personality of your wedding. Because each couple knows “their” songs and knows better than anyone what it is that can thrill you and what motivates or encourages you.

To make the search a bit easier, we offer some practical advice and we show you different musical proposals for the different moments of the video of your wedding.

The starting point is to choose the songs that have a special meaning for you and that have to be in your video yes or yes. In this sense, and contrary to what some couples can think, it is best that the musical selection you make is varied, with slow songs, but also with other more moved -pop, rock …- to mount during the preparations of the boyfriends, the photo session of the couple or their entrance to the banquet, for example. In this sense, you can choose My name is Lincoln , from the film The island , Better in time , by Leona Lewis Young and beatiful , by Lana del Rey, Erie Canal , by Bruce Springsteen orPasacorredeiras , by Carlos Núñez. So romantic songs for weddings will be essential, but not the only ones.

On the other hand, and taking into account the work you already did when choosing music for each moment of the wedding – regardless of whether it was songs for religious ceremonies or music for civil weddings – do not forget that you can use part of the musical program of great day for the Wedding Videography Singapore Rates. The entrance of the bride to the ceremony, for example, is not necessary to change it: the Bridal March , by Felix Mendelssohn,  the Canon in D Major , Pachelbel , May it be , an instrumental version of Enya, the BSO of The rules of the House of the Cider or She , of Elvis Costello.Nor, obviously, the song you chose for the first dance as husband and wife: Love me like you do , by Elllie Goulding, I do not wanna miss a thing , by Aerosmith, Llegaste tú , by Luis Fonsi and Juan Luis Guerra, Only you , by Pablo Alborán or Thinking out loud, by Ed Sheeran

The Wedding Toon

Beyond consulting the discographies of your favorite singers, you will find an excellent source of inspiration in the soundtracks of the films . There are them for all tastes: romantic, instrumental, disco … Among the most demanded are authentic classics -such as Cabaret, Singing in the Rain and Chicago- and more current proposals: Matrix, Love Actually, Forrest Gump, Armageddon .. .

When deciding the best musical options for the wedding video, remember to choose emotionally charged songs for the most romantic instants of the link, such as the exchange of alliances ( Life is beautiful , BSO, or Salve Rociera ) and when delivering bridal bouquet ( Cinema Paradiso , main theme BSO or Hallelujah , by Rufus Wainwright). But also other more moved that will increase the intensity of the happiest moments : to give the couple the next couple to marry ( It’s time , Imagine Dragons or The bicycle , Shakira and Carlos Vives) or during the dance ( Start me up ,of The Rolling Stones, or Under the same sun , by Alvaro Soler and Jennifer Lopez), for example.

Watercolor Photographers

Like the texts for wedding invitations , many couples like the chosen songs to have love as the common denominator of their lyrics, since it is the main theme of your wedding: affection, love, romance … They are perfect then Love , by John Lennon, Somebody to love , by Queen, To love you , by Shakira or All of me , by John Legend.

Do you have it already clearer? Quiet. If you were able to select  decoration ideas for weddings , surely this choice is much easier for you. Exclusivity is within your musical memories! You know, let your heart ring and you will be right with your songs for weddings .

Why use music during pregnancy

Childhood is a crucial moment for anyone. The more stimuli our baby receives from the first moment, the better their emotional and cognitive development. But did you know that you can also receive stimuli before you are even born?

Starting to develop musical stimulation exercises within the maternal fetus is very beneficial for the baby and its subsequent development. Music , favors completely to be part of this whole process. It is for this reason that parental collaboration at the time of performing a musical activity is extremely important, even from the mother’s womb.

The benefits of music for the baby during pregnancy


When a mother or father sings a lullaby, song, melody … or puts music to some day-to-day moment, it already transmits feelings of love , care, respect, tranquility and security.

It is a moment of intimate communication that is fixed in the memory of the child, since before birth. Do it since the fetus is in the womb, prepares our baby for the future in a better way. These are some of the benefits of listening to music during pregnancy:

– Auditions and contact with parents increase immune activity .

– Babies are born more relaxed , with open eyes and hands, and cry less .

– They sleep and eat better and are also able to concentrate their attention for longer and learn more quickly.

What music can you put your baby during pregnancy

The baby from the fifth month is ready to listen to any kind of music,

Who has not heard of the famous ‘ Mozart Effect ‘ ? It is shown that listening to Mozart increases the defenses and strengthens the neurological capacity of babies, even so there is a great amount of music besides Mozart, very beneficial for them. We should only guide it to a certain state of mind.

. Music to relax the baby : For Elisa, Chopin, Claro de Luna, Debussy, Ballads. Music with slow times and soft melodies, and even some soundtrack like Gladiator.

. Music to strengthen neuronal abilities and defenses : Any classical music composition is appropriate. The 4 Stations of Vivaldi, The 5th Symphony of Tchaikosky, The Carnival of Animals by Saent Saens, or any piece of music by Mozart.

. Music to dance and be in movement : Find happy songs full of energy and with which you can dance and move to the movement of it. Queen, Madonna, The Beatles, Abba … or even let yourself be carried away by some song that you put on the radio and improvise some dance.

The mood of the mother must always be in tune to involve the baby. All the sensations brought to you by the Music will reach the baby and you will share a very intimate and pleasant connection from inside the womb.

The ear is the only direction on which prenatal stimulation can be carried out, and precisely this type of stimulation is based on it. Listening to paused music and performing breathing exercises to the rhythm of the mother’s heart helps to strengthen the sensory and cognitive stimulation of our babies. More information here Mid-Atlantic OBGYN

Blackberry apps for music and movies

Your BlackBerry can be a lifesaver if you want to know the name of this song to play in the bar or if you want to find the time for the next presentation of this new blockbuster. These apps can also bring the radio directly to your BlackBerry – and recommend songs to listen to you. Pandora for BlackBerry Free for 40 hours of songs / month- $ 0.99 / month for an unlimited number of songs Think of Pandora for BlackBerry as your personal electronic disc jockey that starts with a few songs or the artists you love, and then look for and find music that is some similar attributes or actions. You get to create and tweak your own “” stations. You are allowed up to 100 channels, and you can choose only one to play, turn through them all, or ask the computer to choose pleasant songs at random.

Your BlackBerry displays an image of the cover of the album or CD. And if somehow Pandora throws a swine among the pearls, you can remove it from the mix with a click. The more comments you provide, the better the electronic DJ gets to understand your ear. Shazam Free for Basic Version- $ 4.99 for Encore Version Shazam is a musicologist in your pocket. Turn it on, aim your BlackBerry towards the speakers of your stereo, the background music in a bar, or the fuzzy sound in an elevator, and give it a few seconds to listen and then think. Like magic, there, on the screen of your BlackBerry – almost without fail – you see the name of the song, the artist of the scene, and the album on which it was released. Want more? How about a biography of the artist, a record of recorded songs, and access to YouTube and other videos about the singer.

And, if you have the Encore version, you can even download a Tag chart that tells you what the rest of the world, or at least those using Shazam, are currently tagging and grooving at. For some artists and songs – depending on copyright – you may be able to download the lyrics. And you can also get a list of other artists and albums that contain a particular song – by the composer or covers by others. Nobex Radio Companion Free for $ 3.99 / month of the base for the subscription version Nobex Radio Companion uses your BlackBerry to connect to the Web and from there tap into all of a stream of perhaps 5,000 radio stations from more than 80 countries around the world.

The app comes with some sampling stations, but the real power comes when you choose to add your own sound spectrum. You can see the full list, or you can ask for a display by genre: rock, country, talk radio, oldies, and many other categories. You can also visit the Nobex website on a computer to see a map of available stations. Flixster Free The Flixster app offers a PGP Blackberry movie version of the Flixster website ads. You can choose a movie and know where it is playing, or you can ask to see what is happening in theaters near you. There are just about every bell and whistle a movie lover might want: descriptions of new movies, video trailers, photos, a cast list, and a list of theaters.

You can check which movies are box office, and you can read snippets of short comments by professional critics or venture into the world of social networking and know what your other Flixster viewers think. Moviefone Free The BlackBerry Moviefone version includes the basic elements: movie schedules, trailers, and schedules what is played in theaters near a zip code you enter. You can also see the movie poster. One feature is that it does not match by many other services: the ability to order and pay for tickets online to some participating cinemas.

Locksmiths who become local communicators

The microphone has nothing to do with the welding arc. No, until both reach the hands of  Agustín Aldo Mamani , the communicator / locksmith of  Rio Abajo , who handles one and the other with equal expertise, one in his metalworking workshop and the other in Radio del Valle, the Mecapaca radio station.

Like Agustín, hundreds of men and women combine daily the job that allows them to guarantee daily sustenance with their passion for radio or television
Days ago,  Agustín Aldo Mamani  had his quarter of an hour of national fame in a way that he himself had not wanted. Police officers detained him along with a group of people from  Mecapaca  who had participated in a mobilization in the South Zone of the city of La Paz. He had told the soldiers that he was a communicator, but his identity card denied it: He says “Artisan”, in the  “Profession / Occupation” box .
How to make the uniformed understand that a locksmith can do journalistic coverage of a march?  Worse yet if you carry a video camera and says that uploads to Facebook to report the fact.”As far as I know nobody is forbidden to have several trades,” Agustín defends himself. Yes, but microphones and welding arcs do not usually go hand in hand
I already imagine  Humberto Gumucio , from the municipality of  Fernández Alonso , trying to convince the police that radio and fishing can complement each other perfectly. Throughout the night, he stretched his nets in the waters of the Rio Grande to reach his house at dawn, turn on his transmitters and open broadcast with his first warning: “Fresh fish arrived.”
For the benefit of the soldiers who detained him, it must be said that Agustín did not wear his credential when he was arrested. In defense of him it is necessary to point out that in his municipality he does not need it, because, all the people of the place know that he is the local locksmith in Epping who speaks to him daily on the radio.
An iron story 
11When he was an orphan of father and mother, when he was only five years old, Agustín was in charge of his grandmother and then of an uncle. The school loses from a distance when the priority is to monetize the workforce.He could hardly win the fifth year of Primary.
Upon the return of the Military Service, which he lent in the municipality of Guayaramerín, a friend offered him the opportunity to enter the world of iron. There were no other alternatives: “I did not like it very much, but it was the only thing. Then I was learning and I was converting it into an art “.
But he has always been a radio lover. He listened to  San Gabriel ,  Panamericana  and, when he lived in the city of  El Alto , he was a faithful follower of Radio Pacha Qamasa. He never dreamed of being in front of a microphone one day, until a friend told him that he had a “pirate radio” and that he could speak for her if he helped pay for the electric power. It was love at first ear …
On his return to  Mecapaca,  the first thing he did was to contact  Radio Taypi Chullo , one of the first stations in the area. The treatment was the same, to make your program in exchange for a small payment that allows you to raise money to cover the consumption of electricity. It did not take him long to become famous and become a correspondent for the Erbol Network.
It was then that the journalist and historian Carlos Soria Galvarro , who founded  Radio Sur Agricultura , crossed his path  . He invited him to produce a program for the station and showed him several possibilities to strengthen his capacities in the world of communication, such as the one offered  by the Municipal Democracy Support Program (PADEM)  to local communicators throughout the country.
Soria Galvarro  is an admirer of the discipline and capacity that Agustín has to learn and to take advantage of the possibilities that are open to him, however small they may be. He often asks himself what would have become of him if, at the time, he had the training opportunities he needed to dedicate himself fully to journalism.
And Agustín not only develops journalistic work in Mecapaca, but also promotes communication campaigns aimed at improving municipal services such as education or prevention of violence against women.
Radialist and locksmith, but never stoned … 
“I was always struck by that sign on the minibuses: ‘Do not mistreat the seats’. If we remove only the ‘No’ the sign changes completely in meaning: ‘Maltrate the seats’. That is why those who do communication must do our job well “ , says Agustín, in an attempt to delimit the ethical framework of his work.
He decided to get involved in the media when he saw that renowned social communicators from thecity of La Paz misinformed instead of informing. He believes that approaching the truth is the challenge of all those involved in this field.
The only thing he misses is his camera that still does not recover from the hands of the Police
In this way, he sees his detention as one of the risks involved in journalistic work. He does not regret having closed his locksmith shop that day to give rein to his passion for the microphone. “I went up to report the blockade, I did not know they were going to leave, but as there was the march I had to go after the news,” he says. And he arrived after the information to the very doors of the police district in which the residents of Mecapaca were arrested : “They had to be shown so that their relatives could see them and give them help .  
The only thing he misses is his camera that still does not recover from the hands of the police. He bought it two years ago with the money he generates in his locksmith shop. She knows that she is as important as the generator set in her work with the iron. He also wants his name to be excluded from the list of suspects to stone the buses of the Municipal Transport Service “Puma Katari” , because he knows that this affects his prestige as a radio operator, but also as a locksmith. At the end of the day, for him both always go hand in hand …

Would you inject yourself with hormones to lose weight? Expert refers to famous HCG diet in the radio

Weight is a subject for many not only at this time, but throughout the year. Every time there are more ways to lose kilos, some surprise for their speed and fame.

Some diets become well known because they are followed by recognized characters, one of which is the diet of “hormonal injections” also called the “pregnancy hormone”. This way of losing weight involves the injection of the hormone hcg injection (Human Chorionic Ganadotropin), a molecule that occurs just during pregnancy and that many doctors use to treat fertility problems.

But not only consists of injections that make you lose more fat, you must also follow a diet of 500 calories per day for 23 days, a point that experts criticize as harmful to health, as it could cause kidney and cardiovascular problems.

In conversation with “Espacio Libre,” Alexander González, a nutritionist at the Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile, pointed out that this diet has been polular lately, mainly due to research that says that its frequent administration (either injectable or orally in drops) would – supposedly – lower the amount of fat.

Regarding this hormone, the specialist indicated that it is present at high levels from conception. “When a woman becomes pregnant, she quickly increases her levels, in fact, the pregnancy tests detect her – that is why a woman can be said to expect a baby – and she has been associated with playing an important role in the redistribution of fat, which would aim to feed the growing child. ”

On its use to lose weight, González said that there is not “enough scientific evidence to be able to say that the treatment is effective. In fact, the kilos loss seen in most patients, rather than the hormone, is due to the very low calorie diet associated with their injection. “

A radio for the shower that generates its own energy

For some the routine of getting up in the morning and enduring in the best possible way the early morning of each day becomes almost a ritual. Each person has their preferences, but most opt for a good breakfast accompanied by a steaming coffee and a shower that clears the mind, remove the legañas and wake him up completely. It is there, in the shower, where many listen to music or their favorite radio show. It’s been a long time since they invented the radios that stand in the shower without getting damaged. But this type of radio has been given a new twist.

It is a radio for the shower that, of course, can get wet, but it also takes advantage of the tap water to generate the energy it needs to operate. In this way, you can listen to the radio without batteries or a plug. Each time they invent more devices that take advantage of daily habits to produce energy.

The invention has been christened H2O Power (something like water power or water energy). Its installation is simple. It can be placed below or above the tap (depending on the model of this).

The operation is even simpler. Simply open the tap and the radio is powered by clean energy (never better, since even the user remains clean after using it) and renewable. The excess energy produced is stored in a battery that is inside and that is used when the water jet does not pass through the device and, in this way, you can continue listening to the radio while you wash your teeth. dress or throw the creams against aging.

The idea comes from a British company and that has already started to market the device in some European countries. In addition, it is pending to obtain patent licenses in countries such as the United States, China and South Korea.

Will the radio of tomorrow be visual?

ean-Lou Bertin, ex-SIS, Radio Contact and Mint, precursor of visual radio and current director of DH Radio.
The radio has to offer image as added value, at a time when the technology allows to receive on the same medium radio, TV, telephone, emails, games etc. There is of course no question for her to “make the TV”. The visual must constitute a “plus” at the disposal of the listener who wishes, without blurring the listening or is indispensable.

In your opinion, will the radio of tomorrow be able to do without images?

No. We are at the moment of a great (r) evolution, a bit like when the first free radios appeared. We know that in the future, the radio will be necessarily entirely digital (we will have only the supports of the tablet type, smartphone, PC and others). We also know that radio has always been able to adapt to its environment. As the smartphone is a multi-media phone, TV, newspaper, e-mail, games and more, it is essential to know as precisely as possible how people consume radio, In order to be able to offer the most appropriate added value given the latest technical developments. And, in my opinion, the image can precisely constitute this added value for radio.

How can radio remain a specific medium if all the media begin to make sound, image and text?

The limit not to be crossed is precisely to prevent the radio from making television. The image should not take precedence over the sound. If that is the case, it is no longer the case. No question, of course, that the image is essential to the understanding of what is happening, nor does it take up so much space that we no longer listen to what is being said. The image must be a “plus”. Because if one loses the sense of the radio itself, the radio medium is dead. So no, the radio should not be on TV. The new media allow us: the radio has to come up with the image for the one who wants it at a given moment. At this point, a person is listening. He hears something that challenges him and about what he would like to have visual content. He then becomes a spectator,

What is the specificity of radio?

It is the only media that allows you to do something else while listening to it. There is also a very important social dimension. Radio is talking about people. She talks to people. She gives them the floor. She makes them play. Give them gifts. That’s what the radio is all about. In addition, the image can bring additional information such as maps, videos, Photo Visual, dress-up or in parallel. Not “in place of”. The consumer must not make a choice. One must be the complement of the other.

Should the radio now make more than oral content?

The basis of the work actually continues to be to make content, but not just sound.

What will happen to the radios that will not?

It all depends on their content. Those that can claim to have an atypical and completely unique content will come out.

When did we see the image coming to the radio for the first time?

In 2008, I built a whole project for Mint: Mint Vision. I had designed it because Mint had not gotten a network. We had to find another means of dissemination: it was the web at the time. The models were made for a project of one hour a day. Unfortunately, the crisis went through there and we gave up. Then there was Contact Vision and then all the others. We are a lot in the clip, it’s nice, but there is still much to invent. At DH Radio, we are going to start a new project that goes in this direction next spring. I work with two companies on a radio system project that pilots dressing.

Is not there also an economic interest? I imagine that the image brings a “bonus” in terms of advertising revenue?

Not only that, but clicks give a lot of super-interesting information at the marketing level. We know who stayed for how long to watch or listen to what: a mine.



Yvan Hanon, master of practical training at the Son-Radio department of Ihecs

Radio is the medium of the imagination: a voice creates a story. Stick to him pictures and the charm is broken! The poor quality cameras installed in the studios upset the speaker as the receiver of the message. Without informative value, they nevertheless draw on them the concentration of a listener turned viewer against his will. And it is the message that is deforced.

What are the advantages of radio?

Its strong point is the imagination it creates around a presenter, an animator, a journalist. Seeing it removes the charm and identity of the radio.

How do the cameras installed in the studios change the way they do and listen to the radio?

A moderator or a journalist does not say the same thing when he is only in front of a microphone or when a camera is added. The reception of the message is also different: see how the person who expresses himself is dressed, what he looks like, if he is tired, has stage fright, influence how to listen to his voice and hear his words. Moreover, radio has this specificity to enable the listener not to have to concentrate solely on it. He has the leisure to do something else at the same time, which the image does not allow. This attracts and monopolizes all the attention even though it brings nothing from an informative point of view.

The mixture of genres hurts the media.

We are already sufficiently immersed in a culture of the image that to add to them where they have no surplus value. Nor do listeners need them to listen, even if the television set-top boxes via which they can access the radio make them believe. It should also be noted that equipping the studios is a significant additional cost.

Is this a way to increase the force of attraction and interaction?

I do not think the auditors are callers. They remember the name of the presenter, the timbre of his voice, his talk, his journalistic quality or animation, but not his face … I understand the effect of attraction that the image can have: a Shared mood on social networks, like the chroniclers of Matin Première, has a considerable impact. People prefer to click on an image than on a Soundcloud player … I would not go so far as to say that these cameras constitute a marketing or star-making argument for presenters. This choice is more a matter of fear.

Which ?

That of the strength of the radio. We imagine that the media consumer will no longer listen to the radio if there is no picture.

At the birth of television, many predict the death of radio. We are here in the same situation: without the video, the radio will go out with a slow fire?

Effectively. Yet the radio is absolutely not at risk. This obviously does not exclude consideration of other numerical improvements, such as increased radio. There is progress to be made at this level and we will have to answer this question: what is added to a sound information? Not a camera, of poor quality, automated, in which we see (and still) the presenters in front of a microphone. In any event, I reject the assertion that the future of radio must necessarily be through video. I may be a resistant. But I am far from being the only one … This opinion is widely shared in the profession and among the journalists who practice in radio.

Beauty SEcret: Mia Moretti! We interviewed the coolest DJ

Can you imagine being a best friend of Katy Perry? Launch a collection with MAC Cosmetics? The girl tells us the details and their best tips.


Glossy lips and a super originales lenses are the core of this Californian DJ . One day in Tokyo on stage in front of the alternative duo The Dolls and another enjoying Coachella with the very Katy Perry. Raise your hand Let the Glamourette would not want a life like that !


Despite his hectic life – truly, Mia is in everything – the it girl is not satisfied and presents a collection of hand makeup MAC Cosmetics, inspired by the girls who dance to their own music.

We talked with them to find out their best tips to achieve that beauty chic effortless that characterizes it .


MIA: My Life as a DJ has a great influence on my style , also was the basis for creating the collection. I am constantly traveling and living based on a suitcase , I have to change at the airport and run to a presentation or soundcheck. So what more makeup look is easy to wear, you do not need a PhD to choose colors and look beautiful.

I would describe me as someone who prefers a much more natural look but with a touch of color. Never use smokey eyes or fake eyelashes, opto color on the lips and keep my bare skin.

In trend: Make-up to the nude!



M: The red lipstick would be a key product, I remember my grandmother did not spend a single day without using this color on her lips. And I think not put anything else, so it seemed superfashion. I think it is a product able to resume this nostalgia but also very modern .


M: I think the look that I draw is more wear bright lip. When you’re tired, you do not want the attention is in your eyes, so a striking color will be the focus of attention. I also opted for picking up my hair in a top knot . Beautiful face instantly!


M: The most important thing is to find what fits your face and forget to follow all the trends like after shows, evebts you can use pilaten, etc. If a style gets super trendy but just do not feel comfortable it will not work. It’s about putting what makes you feel the most beautiful!

Radiant: A natural and divine look!


M: Less is more! I think using bit Makeup and prevents it melts by the lights. An illuminator also works because it draws attention to the right places.



M: I have a very innocent perspective on makeup , because I had an older sister or a mother who used a lot. I still do not know how to use the eyeliner!

I wanted to create cosmetics that were easy to implement and have more than one function. I’m looking for something I can have in my bag and that’s it. For example, the products in line cream can be used as blush, lips and as eye shadow. You do not need tools, your hands are enough to apply it.

Glow Effect: Looks radiant skin with these tips and key products

Also, I focused on working for different looks. I like to say ” romances a night” ‘because one day you wake up wanting to try the blue and not worth buying an entire bar lipstick, you better have a paddle – like the collection – with different colors and experiment.


It was like the dream of every girl, one day I thought about the color red lipstick and talked with MAC. I thought they would make more changes, but no. The next day I was in the laboratory by mixing colors and the result was just how I wanted it .


M: I keep doing combinations, each I choose my clothes I like to think of the story I want to tell you that day and, at least in a matter of clothes, think more is more. Use everything: prints, textures! 

For example, wear a blue bikini, a platform very feminine and add the finishing touch with a simple makeup but to make a statementis a little story very tender.

I like to see the makeup as a way to wear a disguise and be the character you want. So whether you choose an outfit or makeupto do so, both are able to change your mood completely.


M: I love Italian designers, because they make clothes that fit my body. I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable and have pieces that are like that.

Under the dark, cleaning workers face rape and harassment

The isolation was what made more than Erika Morales feel distrust his work on the night shift persian rug cleaners . Already it is beginning to feel the loneliness like a trap.

It happens that an autumn night, after everyone else had gone home, she came to do the cleaning at a branch of Bank of America. In the silence of the empty building binding, she was scrubbing toilets and vacuuming the hallways. He caught the distorted reflection of his own face in the glass of the window, knowing that the other side there was nothing but darkness.

ABM’s lawyers said the company has updated its written policies and training since the government demand was finalized.

“In fact they met the terms we bargained, which, we think, addressed part of it. Does that answer into practice at national level? “Said Anna Park, federal lawyer. “I can not say. Let’s hope so”.

Today, ABM continues to respond to cases of sexual harassment in the courts. Since early 2010 the company has been sued seven times in federal courts and at least nine times in the California courts.

In most cases, the company reaches a resolution without admitting guilt.Sometimes the company prevails.

His next challenge will come this fall. The company has a scheduled trial in the case that three Southern California women claim that they were harassed, assaulted or raped by the same worker ABM, who holds the floors. Women have a known claim: they say their complaints were ignored ABM.

They tell them that the abuse was escalándose for months. A woman says she was raped in autumn 2009 and several months later another woman said she had been assaulted by the same man. She says that when she reported the incident immediately to a manager told him to return to his task. The manager told him not to contact the monitoring company and that he would call the police.

Eventually, she got tired of waiting for an answer, she says, and went to the authorities on their own. The man waxing floors ended up pleading guilty to sexual assault. He served a sentence of one year in prison and came out with five years under probation.

ABM held in legal documentation that had taken immediately to receive complaints action, dismissing the man waxing floors, and that should prevent these women initiate legal action because they had already settled claims against the company by compensation insurance workers based on the same allegations.

After all, few people win against ABM in trials. Maria Bojorquez is one of them.

She accused a supervisor of raping her while she cleaned the office of a law firm in the iconic Ferry Building in San Francisco in 2004. She says she was fired after filing her complaint. ABM researcher had decided that Bojorquez claims were inconclusive, but when the case came to trial in 2012, jurors ruled that ABM had failed to prevent harassment and had been fired for filing claims. A Bojorquez you were given more than $ 800,000 in damages. The company appealed.

During a recent hearing for the appeal of that case, the lawyer said ABM cases of violence in the workplace involving other employees have not due to be referred to during the trial. Appearing before a panel of judges, he said the company has “tens of thousands of employees installed throughout the United States and internationally, many of whom work in remote locations at night under minimal supervision.”

“Sometimes bad things happen,” he said.


During the past six years, the masses have come to know as Erika MoralesDJ Bunny Light FM Radio station located within a bustling market of Bakersfield.

After leaving his job at ABM, Morales was manager of a restaurant and nightspot. Finally her boss hired to encourage events in a local radio station. She discovered that although she is not necessarily a flashy guy, his voice becomes irresistibly gold once found at the microphone.

Look transition from Erika to DJ Bunny is like watching a grill burst into flames. At the station, she puts on headphones and read horoscopes without much effort or promote rock concerts in Spanish. During the intervals between pieces of news voice resounding expresses its gratitude to people who have written to him by Facebook from California, Argentina or Peru.

In the panorama unlimited Internet radio, Morales is very dear because it has been willing to talk openly about difficult issues. Tearfully expressed their listeners have asked his advice on how to file a complaint of sexual assault to the police or what to do to separate themselves from an abusive relationship.

Until one day in late February, she revealed that she had never talked about these issues with authority under its own tragic experience. But she was on the verge of a turning point. He had scheduled one of his usual guests, a policeman from the California Highway Patrol, and she had promised their listeners a program about problems in the workplace.

Erika Morales

Erika Morales is popularly known by his nickname DJ Bunny on Light FM, a radio station in the Bakersfield market. His followers appreciate his willingness to speak candidly about tough issues.Credit: FRONTLINE

When the music stopped, she leaned into the microphone and let the words: “Something delicate and this … and personally my turn, I never said this part of my life in the air. Many few people know of this period but I want this to serve … ”

A Morales put the trembling voice uncharacteristic way. “And pardon me if, maybe I get a little emotional but it is still an issue not me, I’m trying to overcome it,” she said.

Morales told his listeners that she had been sexually harassed at work and that she knows that it is difficult to present your case. She never managed to go to the police. At that time I could not find the value. She told his listeners that in her case, she and others had tried to tell his bosses, but nothing was done.

“And the problem is when you do not believe,” Morales said.

However, she urged them to his listeners to report the problem. He reminded that it was wrong and that guilt was never them.

“I think that’s not fair,” she said. “Because you go and do your job clean, and you’ll win, you’ll earn the money without seeking something wrong.”

For nearly half an hour, Morales and the officer of the California Highway Patrol exchanged words on how to handle the problem of sexual harassment. And then he played them pass when rock music. He dismissed the official, put a song with backbeat and turned off his microphone before exhaling deeply.

Your phone lit up message. “We are with you,” said one. Another stated: “Keep fighting.” He was surprised by the answer. She hoped rather than criticize.

Again at the microphone, thanked everyone for their support while preparing to put “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. He was beginning to regain his rhythm so lively and his manner of expression.

It’s been a decade since Morales left his job at ABM. She said she had put aside her fears to file his complaint because he was thinking of her daughter, her mother and other women who still were not ready to rule “.

When Morales had given her keys and tried to tell a supervisor for the last time what was going on and he sent him away, but she remembers broached: “And when I left I said, ‘It’s going to be someone, someone who will open his mouth ‘ “.

Morales is still amazed by the way your voice is broadcast. “I never imagined I would be the one who would open his mouth,” she said.

Coffee machines, cold drinks and snacks of Patio Radio

Hands up who has not gone early in the morning or after lunch for a coffee at the vending machine company. I every days. For this I have no excuse for missing work. I am there always punctual as a clock.

Reasons to install a vending machine in the company

Do not tell me in your work do not have vending machines. What is thinking HR? It is a great way to keep people down the street for coffee.

At certain times the bars are full and breakfast breaks can be extended in time. Employees are slow to return to their jobs. Which means you may not be anyone in the department chair heating. More than a manager could give you a heart attack.

In my office we do have vending. Although we have the film told us otherwise. It is to make us happy 😂 You know, the more motivation, increased productivity.

The coffee bar costs 1.20 euros or even more, while the vending goes for 30 cents. What Majetes! Look for our economy. ‘Yuhuu !!
Although we can not lower the street, it took the same or more with a coffee vending.

The vending machine is the meeting point of the office

The coffee machine ends up becoming a meeting place. Cliques where you tell your form teammates what you did over the weekend or on vacation.You speak of diseases and education of your children. Football League.

And of course it is the nerve center of Patio Radio. There you hear of all the brilliant decisions taken at the Steering Committee. Half of all those reports are hoaxes and rumors, by the way. As it happens as the game escacharrado phone. One tells another a story and gradually it is transformed to have nothing to do with the original information. This is how rumors are born in the office.
The truth is I had a good time drinking that coffee. These moments are so special that in Spain there is a TV series, House and Café.

The pause always at the same time

What you do always breaks at the same times? You, Me and the rest of the companions approached us every day at about the same time. At certain times of the day is even the busiest subway . So sometimes you have to save turn to get the coffee machine rental for office Singapore.

In my case I make two breaks:
1⃣ the morning as arrived at the office. I’ve already told you that I do not wake up until lunchtime. So I need a dose of caffeine they arrive, to see if a miracle happens and espabiló before going down to eat.
2⃣ When many of you still are eating. At 15.00. It is that I like at 13 am in little over half an hour. So before I go out in the afternoon, it is what has flexible hours hehe

The kitchen catches me on the other side of the office. So, before I got up, I call my colleagues:
– Hey! I pa’llá, do not tardéis to get that today is the big boss in the office and I have counted minutes.

Sometimes we go there cackling time. When I take long to return to the public area, then he comes looking for me :
– Erika, come, come back to the table, we have to make some calls
Aaarrrgg is what a spoilsport!

To fix this, what I do is to close a meeting a couple of hours right in my breaks. For example: I put a meeting from 15.00 to 17.00. At 15:05 I’ll take coffee. This can turn into a real desktop. I only need the cup and pure 😂😂 took longer to take a coffee eating.

Type of vending machines

Whether you do not work in an office. Vending machines in hospitals, the university, in the subway, highway rest areas. All we have seen and we all bought something in them.

1. Coffee Machine

The variety is almost as large as that of Starbucks. You can choose from black coffee, cut, stained, milk, capuccino with hazelnut or chocolate, American, expresso … Of course, no lack of red tea or hot chocolate.

Price comparison:

In the vending 30 to 60 cents
In a normal cafe it costs 1.20.
In the business district of Madrid, a coffee you can even cost double. Once I blew in Costa Coffe 3 euros for a capuccino. Fortunately you can always catch the super offer coffee + croissant to 2.25 euros in the Delinas.

Why is it so cheap coffee in these machines?

Let ‘s be clear. No coffee quality is what attracts us like flies.
Coffee is brown powder. Milk powder is tetra-brick or water – based white coloring. Water is a reservoir on the inside of the machine.
Tell me have you ever seen him clean the tanks and ducts? I jamás.En inside the machine is accumulated dirt, lime sludge at the bottom raising life. As a result, coffee has that flavor so characteristic. Many end up getting used to the aftertaste that leaves you in the mouth.

2. Refreshments

In these machines will find Coca-Cola normal or light, Acquarius and mineral water. Price: 50 – 60 cents
The prices of these machines down the street or in the subway up even more. A water bottle 50 cl costs 1.20 euros.
I do not know if you noticed that in Madrid is more common to drink Coca-Cola. While coastal sites take more Pepsi. I’ve noticed that the Pepsi tastes like syrup and when I go to the beach and ask for a Coke in a bar, trying to sneak a Pepsi. Always the same discussion:
– Let’s see would not have asked Coca-Cola?
– Yes
– And what is this?
– A Pepsi, is that here we have Coca-Cola
– If I ask is because I want A and B. It is not the same Would I can bring water, please?
And always they look at me like Mars.

3. Food

Food vending machines is basically industrial bakery. There’s nothing healthy. Not a sad yogurt or a piece of fruit. They may have orange juice will be a mixture of water, sugar, preservatives and dyes.
Kit-Kat: 60 cents
chips: 1 euro
Sandwich with bread and cheese gum plastelina: 1.50 euros

Health benefits

Do you have problems with constipation? Yes? Well, friend, let yourself eating fiber and yogurts. The coffee machine is holy hand for these cases.It works better than a laxative. You can visit here

As des the last drink, you will get the cold sweats and pangs of death.You will doubt even your ability to get to the bathroom. And when you’ve finally reached the finish line and you’re sitting on the throne with your “color explosion”, will come someone who will hear these stomach bursts.

You have to interrupt the operation and wait for it to go, as you fall chorretones of sweat on his forehead.
Aaayyy that evil happens. And what hobby architects have offices open partitions to services above and below. No privacy.
The coffee flavor cloaca and suffered diarrhea have caused me to prepare my coffee at home and I carry it in a thermos to trabajo.No was an easy task to find a thermos
– has no mercury
– to which he is not leave the liquid and pringue you everything you carry in your bag
– to keep the coffee warm for hours

I had to scratch my pocket and buy many thermoses to find one to meet the above three conditions.
Now no longer I spend a penny in the vending because besides cookies breakfast I took them home too. My coffee is delicious and warm for more than 4 hours.
Best of all, no longer leave the service fired up going down the legs.

The importance of email on the radio

Currently, large well-defined lists of emails are a very important tool in digital marketing. Hire a copywriter who engages in writing content post your station is a very good idea.

Presslaff warned about sending emails to everyone. Said “should not disturb people who are more important than your” must not send an email to all your listeners at the same time, Presslaff recommends that when a new listening register through your mail to your station, you do several questions different to know what kind of messages and emails are most appropriate for them. For thus you can give you quality content that appreciates and values.

The regional director of marketing chain Bay Area News Group news says that there are five reasons to use emailappend:

  1. Because it works the same on all devices (phones, computers and tablets)
  2. It has long messages to express themselves well
  3. Has a lot of data, such as use, segmentation, targeting and metrics for measuring ROI
  4. high response rates in digital advertising options
  5. People have confidence to e

She says she put links in emails gives you a higher rate of response to emails and events to give free or free items through these inputs.

Another good tool for email is to offer advertisers mails as part of a campaign. This integrates the advertiser ecosystem of the station and helps you get better results. You must analyze the statistics of your emails to see what else works, keep these statistics and Show it to potential advertisers to convince them to join you.It included in these statistics all possible data for advertisers to choose wisely and negotiate with you.

You must also be careful with your mail provider, as an unreliable supplier can make your emails reach you to the wrong person, or when they should not be sent or to be considered as spam. You have to find ways that your emails do not reach the listener spam tray to thus earn more income from advertisers and more attention and response from users.

The year’s best in music fitness

Music has the power to move us to make us mourn, to make us dance to our favorite artists again and take some much energy to our training !. We love to share good music with the community of vitónicos and you aportéis your favorite subjects for all we know. For that reason and because we love the music we fit shop review the best of this year in this post .

  • During this year we have proposed some music playlists to train, as this last fall , loaded with songs with a lot of energy to remember the summer sun rays that carry us up. Imagine dragons, Clean Bandit and Rise Against were chosen, among others, to encourage our workouts.
  • We also had playlists for special occasions such as this alternative and dedicated to “heartbreak” ready to train on Valentine ‘s Day.Phenomenal regaléis him a box of chocolates to your partner, but that is the win with a series of Nervo pace or Neon Hitch.
  • We recall another time the most legendary to train subjects : those songs that makes you want to wear shoes only hear the first chords. From Blur to AC / DC, through the mitiquísima Eye of the tiger: here you have them all.
  • For lovers of the elliptical I have brought two different downloadable sessions: one with ascending and progressive speed , for a good final sprint, and other special to stay in the fat burning zone . Just download them to your PC and then to your MP3 or mobile: helmets, I’ll be training!
  • If running is your thing, this week we published our special playlist for San Silvestre , this time in list format Spotify. We encourage you enjoy the last day of the year doing a few kilometers to the rhythm of this great music.
  • Finally we remind you that we Spotify our own collaborative list of great songs to train where you can listen to more than 180 songs that have added and add those that you like to you. We want to know what you like to listen to while you train!

We hope that next year 2015 comes loaded with good songs so we can continue to share them with you.

A manual to send your music to radio, music blogs, press and record labels

Why do artists ignore submission guidelines?

My guess is, as is the case with most people, musicians and artists have a huge hurry and are always on the lookout for any shortcut available. It is a habit that is in the depths of our psyche and it is difficult to remove. Shortcuts are good when you get to where you intended to reach. If you fail to reach your destination, then by definition, it is not really a shortcut.

A little history on applications

What used to happen when you wanted to analyze sites or play your music, it is that the options were limited. You could record a demo in a studio or create it from home, and then mail physical copies to different labels. There were some college stations which could ring your song, or groups of home magazines, but this was all regarding distribution opportunities are concerned. Remember, there was no Internet at that time.

However, that was many years ago. With the explosion of Internet, it is no longer possible to track all the sites you can get more exposure for your music. Although still have all their own special way in which they look like, many artists still tend to use one-size mentally when the time of initial contact arrives. However, to make serious inroads, it is necessary to put aside the time required for the “personal” touch.

How to deliver your music

The remainder of this article lists all possible ways (that I know) to present your music to various music services (or in some cases, the reasons why a music service does not accept your submission).

I created this list to show that there are many ways that you can request that your music is accepted. I hope to convey my opinion on the fact that sending your music without checking the submission guidelines is a waste of time and money. And frankly, just irritates people.

Methods to ensure failure

The burst of generic emails. We all know this: it is called spam. The logic behind all that comes from mathematics. “If I send emails numbers X and responds only 0.01% of people … that are still a lot of answers!” I can assure you that the lack of guidelines for sending music in the history of the world has always had a contact preferred mode, through

The burst of generic emails with fries. Sending e-blast of an artist with his cd, you and hundreds of others is the lowest possible mode of communication in the world of music, especially if you send attachments with MP3 files. This frustrates everyone involved. If you send a stream of emails to many people, at least have the decency to use the blind carbon copy (Bcc :), so no one else see the rest of e-mail.

No contact name. When you send a first email to a music service, I recommend you take your time to find the name of the contact you’re going to run. This will show them that you sacrificed a few seconds of your time to at least know who to contact.

There are cases where there is no contact name available. Many bloggers like to keep their mystery. In these cases you have no choice but to emepzar your mail with a generic greeting.

However, in most cases, the appropriate contact name appears in general in the section “About Us” (About Us) or “Contact”.

NO unsolicited material is accepted. This is the first thing to check. Does this music service accepts requests? One of the most frustrating things for independent artists trying to contact a large number of labels and music services is that they do not accept unsolicited material.

There are two main reasons for this strong requirement. The first is the legal protection. In the past, there have been many artists who have filed a lawsuit against seals, claiming that the label used his song. They say they sent a demo XYZ, and a year later an artist XYZ released a song that sounded like his demo. This made that record companies had no choice but to protect themselves through lawyers or permits for sending a demo on behalf of their clients.

The second reason is that it helps ensure that the music is targeted (you know who goes). This allows the seals to avoid the avalanche of inappropriate material they would receive if they accept ALL materials. At some point the human being has to go through all applications. If the seal accept unsolicited material, would be lucky if 10% of the music that sent them fit with the style you are looking for.

“Applications are closed”. Number of services, especially small labels, websites and blogs opinion, reach a point where they are maxed out . These are understaffed, with a folder of applications and probably can not meet new shipments, at least until some time later . Once out of this, applications are open again.

Do not use the correct email address. Most music services have several email contact, especially the larger ones. Make sure you use the appropriate email address. If the personal direction of a music critic is listed, and calls for applications to music @ address are sent – you do not send your music to your personal mail, even if the person you’d want to send.

Bad spelling, grammar and text speak. Using the automatic correction or call a friend to check you copy before sending your email, any of these things may be worth. Same thing with the grammar. The old rule that first impressions are what count continues to operate.

Ask a question that is answered in the FAQ. Most services have a number of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on its website. The usual policy is that if the FAQ does not answer your question, then you can contact by all means. However, if you send a question that is answered in the FAQ, you just have to retire.It is doubtful that contact you.

General rules

What type (s) of music usually accept music services? Nothing burns more to a radio, music editor, owner of a seal or blogger like being bombarded by a completely opposite style music they promote. A total lack of respect shown. It is like sitting in a Chinese restaurant and order pizza. It shows immediately that you have not taken a moment to look around, not even to know what they do. Your songs, of course, will be eliminated immediately.

Contact before sending your music. Several music services ask that you contact them before sending your music to ensure that your music is a good choice. It is for this reason that many services do not publish your physical address online. You have to contact them first to ask for your email address. It is their way of pre-selection of applications.

Not contact them before sending your music. Some services do not want to be bothered with an initial contact. Contact them only irritates them.

Facebook, Twitter. An increasing number of music services prefer to be contacted by the Facebook page or Twitter account. Often, you will not find any other contact information on your website than a link to your Facebook page and Twitter. Sometimes, there is a contact email in the About section of your Facebook account.

Comments. Many bloggers do not publish any contact information. In order to reach them you have to comment on your blog.

What formats are accepted? Music services often publish their format of choice. In general, it is usually a combination of several formats. For example, they can accept shipments in physical and digital formats.There is an increasing number of music services that accept only vinyl – these are usually labels punk, electronic and hip hop.

EPs and demos. Many critics accept demos and EPs to listen, but it is important to check before sending your EP or demo.

Time sensitive material. There are a number of music blogs, radio programs, promoters and music critics websites that only deal with the music that has been recently. The deadline varies, but the allowable launch time is usually 6 months or less. If your music was launched before the deadline, it will be ignored.

Only local music. The meaning of “local” depends on the specific resource – for some it can be a particular city and its surrounding suburbs; for others it may be an entire state or province. An exception depends on whether the band is on tour and is playing in the community.

What critical accept my style of music? There are a large number of music blogs and sites reviews that have stable partners. Each reviewer or critic accepts one or more particular styles of music. Therefore, although the web accept various styles, you are in you discover what critics / bloggers fits your particular style of music. Once you have determined what reviewer is responsible for your style of music, you can contact according to their specific presentation guidelines.

Permission forms. Many music services will not play your music or videos unless you fill your online authorization form. In some cases , you asked to print out the form, fill, and you send it by email. If you send them your music without the form, they will not listen.

Is it a free or paid service? Many bloggers, magazines and radio programs will promote your music through a free service. However, more and more services are charging a minimal fee. Usually it is between $ 10 and $ 50, depending on the services they offer and the number of songs present. There are also services that offer both options, “free” and “paid”. The main advantage of the service “payment” is that puts you in the most visible part.

Shipping services of third parties. Often a music service will only accept music through a third service.MusicSubmit , Sonicbids   MusicXray and ReviewShine are the most popular. Instead of being bombarded by thousands of applications, many bloggers, critics, radio programs, etc., hire a service to handle incoming requests.Service requests creates money by charging a small fee artists shipping.

Sending a press kit. Another important when sending your music consideration is accompanying biographical information about you or your group. Application guidelines usually specify what information they like it to be included. They could order a complete press kit, a single sheet, electronic press kit (EPK) or only a few lines. They may even ask you for a picture, the scansion of the album cover, press clippings, etc. Your best chance to succeed the sending get exactly what they want. If they ask only a sheet and you send a novel, only going to frustrate them.

University Radio. Some college radios allow you to send music directly to the host of a program, but many insist that all music should be sent to the Musical Director. The Musical Director is then passed to the various music shows, by gender. Make sure it is clear who need to send your music.

No shrink wrap or glitter. When you send a CD, make sure you have removed the plastic wrap. It is very irritating to someone who receives hundreds of CDs a week having to waste your valuable time continuously removing the annoying wrappers. And please, do not fill the envelope of glitter to try to be unique and attention. Everybody hates the music business.

digital Shipping

Attached files. Nothing takes both riled and receive an e-mail with an attached file in mp3, when in the guidelines of the presentations is said very clearly , “Please do not attach mp3s!”

Sending MP3s. If the music service does not support attachments, be sure to follow their specific characteristics (if they have a list of them). There are several ways to format or compress an MP3. To begin with , one must always be sure that is labeled / properly marked. The details of the format vary by individual music service – for example, “file encoded to mp3 64-512kbps or VBR with sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz and less than 30mb.”

Links to your music. Services that accept digital presentations, but they do not want attachments, often ask you that you send them a link to your music. MySpace is history, so they prefer that you send them a link to your main web page Facebook, Bandcamp, etc. Having a link allows the end user to take their time because there is no storage problems. If you like your music, they will ask you to send them your CD or digital file.

Streaming. For some music services delivery is the preferred streaming. Streaming content is sent in compressed form over the Internet and can see the viewer in real time. In other words, click on a link and music or video starts playing immediately. The end user does not have to wait for the entire file is loaded.The sequences (Stream) can be from a Youtube page, a page of Bandcamp, etc.

Online forms. A lot of music services have an online registration form. This allows you to fill in data about you and your group and upload one or more songs to your server.

Soundcloud Dropbox. SoundCloud allows businesses and individuals to accept a large number of digital files with little effort. Soundcloud Dropbox is a file sharing area (you’ll see a Dropbox icon on the website of the major music services) where artists can present their music. It is something like a mailbox digital files.Once supplied, the file is parked on the server where the music service can be heard or seen in their spare time.

File sharing services. Many music services, especially crítivos and bloggers, ask you to send them your music files through a file sharing service, which is a company that transfers large files on behalf of their clients, as . This allows a music download service packages without storage problems.

Digital Music aggregators. For your music is present in older digital music sites like iTunes and Spotifay, you have to present your music through an aggregator Digital Music. Aggregators are music services that distribute audio files in bulk to these massive digital websites. The aggregator eliminates the need for technical assistance would be required if an artist decides to upload your files individually. The most popular aggregators CD Baby would be, IODA, The Orchard, IRIS, Redeye USA, ORDIS and INgrooves.


The guidelines for submitting your music not only tell you how to create the first contact but also how reaizar follow-up (or not follow). Monitoring can be sometimes even more important than the first contact.

The most common rule is that if you like your music, are going to get in contact with you. In other words, “Do not call us – we’ll call you”. It’s nothing personal, just do not have time to reponder to all requests they receive. Others may appreciate a reminder. Presenters of radio programs often ask you to follow their playlists to see if your music sounds, rather than contact them and ask them.

Many sites emphasize No phone calls! A safer way to irritate someone is tracking a way that is specified (to do) in their submission guidelines.


People in the music world are busy. They are totally bombarded by music every day, but are willing to sorportar this avalanche thanks to the incredible passion they feel for music. All they ask in return is that you follow some simple rules that will make handling this inflow of music is a little easier.

The best way to make your application stand out, is it personal and following the guidelines of shipments and presentations to the letter. By doing this, you are part of the minority, and be more easily remembered.

If you do not follow specific guidelines shipping, your music will go straight into the trash.

The best music songs to learn English singing

From What’s Up! always we committed to learning English and having fun practicing , so we talked about how to learn watching series or reading . On this occasion, we’ve compiled some songs that you will enjoy and learn a lot by listening and singing in English.

Listen and sing in English really works . The rhythm of the music and repetition helps us to memorize the songs will be “stuck” in the head ( stuck inside your head ). In addition you can contact the English everyday and you get used to different accents.

As you can see, there are only advantages, but before we start, we will give some tips for you to profit the most.

Choosing the right songs

To choose well, you must consider several factors. The first is that you like the song. There are millions of them, do not make sense not enjoy it !

That said, it is also important that you choose songs whose vocalists sing more or less clearly . No matter the accent, it is indeed good to hear different accents, but they must vocalize it or will not be a good example to follow.

It is also important to choose appropriate to your level of vocabulary songs, not too easy, not too difficult. This depends on each person, so if the practice with a song turns out to be too easy or, on the contrary, so complicated that does not understand anything, better use another.

Finally, it may be well to listen to songs that tell a story , as this will help you to “visualize”, although this is not essential.

Search music in the right place

Ideally, at least initially, you read the lyrics of the songs you are listening. Youtube and Vimeo have many videos as karaoke subtitles, but did you know that Spotify also has the option to read the lyrics of many songs?

Any of these sites is good to practice, Are you think of any more?

Working vocabulary

To get the most out of working with songs is highly recommended look in the dictionary words that have not understood. To do this is a good idea to look for the lyrics of the song and read it before you hear it . Do you have ever stopped to think about what they talk about those songs that you love? Seeking ” name of the song + lyrics ” is easy to find the lyrics of almost any song.

You want to improve como aprender ingles em casa? Discover the academies What’s up! in Spain

Sing along!

Which means, Sing at once! This is not only to understand what you hear, but also sing. Adjust to the rhythm of the song is a challenge, but it helps to remember, as we said before. Ideally , work songs, reading the letter the first time to go learning them . Once you know the memory you will be able to sing in the car, in the ducha..o where you want. Equal to one is given as well that dares to sing in a karaoke and everything. Then we leave the songs that we have collected, including videos with subtitles:

1. Songs that tell a story

Some songs may well be a story. This is good example In the ghetto, Elvis Presley, a real tearjerker about a boy of slum, here’s the full story:

Another interesting story is that of murderer Mack the knife , in this case sung by Michael Buble, who is a great singer to learn so clearly pronounced.

2. Fun Songs

Not everything will be tragedy, there is more fun as we are told in song Pulp Common People , about a rich girl who wants to be “like normal people”

It is also fun the Lazy Song , Bruno Mars, which speaks simply of how lazy is, but it is an earworm (bone, which remains stuck in the head). With it you will learn some expressions slang very common, as wanna , ’cause or freakin’.

3. perfect songs to practice grammar

Many songs are pretty simple letters, which does not make them bad, but that limit us to learn something from them. However, not all are like that . If it is to review verb forms, a good song is Son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield.

Natalie Imbruglia also uses various grammatical structures in their song Torn , free to anyone to say that pop is simple!

No list of songs to learn English that does not include the Beatles. His clear pronunciation makes them good candidates. However, this song is here because it is great to review the future and conditional.

When I’m Sixty-four

4. perfect songs to practice pronunciation

As we know there are many varieties of English, well, this nice song by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong you will see some variations in pronunciation, which makes it especially interesting for English learners. It tell us how difficult it is to adapt to the couple.

Let’s call the whole thing off

Another perfect song to practice pronunciation is California dreamin ‘ , the classic theme of the Mamas and the Papas, which tell us how much they miss the Californian summer.

Finally, any song Adele is good to practice pronunciation, as well vocalizes. Proof of this is his last issue, Hello

TIP: If you really want to learn pronunciation, search topics rap in English and notice how the rhymes are made. 

5. And for the bravest:

Sometimes the songs that we like are … complicated, but not have to surrender. We left for the end a song for the more adventurous, a classic, Informer , Snow. Who dares with her?

It’s hard to find songs for everyone, but here you can get an idea of what kind of songs are the best to practice English. We hope you learn a lot with them!

The healthy diet and diet of blood group on Radio DJ

The Dr. Piero Mozzi , author of the famous book “The diet of Dr. Hubs” aired a few weeks ago on Radio-DJ , on the occasion of the program Fabio VoloThe Flight of the Morning .”
During the radio broadcast doctor spoke his theories on the blood type diet , explaining exactly how it works and what is this diet.
Dr. Hubs believes that for every blood group exists of beneficial foods , the neutral foods and harmful foods , so the diet recommended by the doctor is based on ‘ elimination (or at least the reduction) of certain foods in favor of other, more Pastillas Naturales para Adelgazar healthful.
L’ goal of the blood type diet, as clarifies the same dr. Hubs on its website ( ) and his work – ill book “The diet of Dr. Hubs” – is to improve the quality of life and therefore improve their health. In his book the doctor explains not only what foods are best avoided and which ones are preferred, but also how to recognize the signs, or rather the symptoms by which our body tells us that “something is wrong.”
Then there are some foods that Dr. Hubs racconamda to all, without distinction by blood type, to eliminate. These include milk and dairy products and cereals that contain gluten and pork .
Interesting then a consideration made by Fabio Volo , which confirms that they address acervical bad (problem that hardly is reconnected to the food), simply eliminating dairy products from their lives. the diet for health
So you define the diet proposed by Dr. Hubs “an easy diet to put into practice, effective and lasting results.” As he himself states, but they also declare many of his patients. It is not easy to explain in a few words what it is, because Hubs prepare a meal plan specifically only after listening very well the patient, after asking him what he eats, what he drinks and when (for example during meal times), if it makes exercise. The result is a very personalized diet, meant to lead the sick person not only to correct food errors but also to reflect on their lifestyle habits and to understand that, as Mozzi said, healing is within us and must not come from outside , by a drug.
Moreover, Piero has never prescribed drugs to anyone, merely to cure with natural remedies and herbal remedies – he prepares oleolites and tinctures with cultivated and wild plants ecovillage.
in addition to the theory of blood groups , Hubs also relies on food combinations suggested dall’igienismo, philosophy and practice of life that proposes the respect of natural laws for obtaining the health and well-being, as you can see in the testimonies given in the box at the bottom.

merits and limits
Mozzi has the merit of having chosen to treat without drugs, to consider the patient an individual to listen to the end before proposing a cure, to insist on the ability to heal and return to a natural balance. And the theory that the ports blood type imprinted inside her ancient inheritance is not lacking in charm.
Perhaps, however, remains a bit ‘mechanistic idea that the psyche has no role in the genesis of disease, much less in their healing. It also appears a bit stiff the type of diet: while admitting that the modern diet leads to abuse and should be modified, perhaps not even worth falling into the opposite.

The portraits of blood groups according to D’Adamo >> Group 0 : hunter-gatherer
– especially carnivorous diet, few starchy foods.
– Ready to ulcers and inflammatory diseases for the excess of hydrochloric acid production.Need a strenuous exercise.
– Key foods NO: wheat gluten, corn, sunflower and lentils (yes if sprouted), white and red beans, potatoes, peanuts.
– YES Food: seafood, liver, iodized salt algae .

>> blood type a: a farmer
– especially vegetarian diet and cereal.
– delicate digestive system due to poor production of hydrochloric acid.
– Yes to gentle exercise and relaxing (eg. Tai Chi).
– Principal foods NO: wheat excess, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant, red beans, cabbage, meat and excess dairy.
– Food YES: legumes, fermented products, vegetable oils, soy products.

>> Group blood B: nomadic
– varied diet.
– Predisposition to disease autoimmune. Yes moderate exercise (for example physical. Swimming).
– Key NO foods: chicken, peanuts, wheat, corn and buckwheat, lentils.
Food YES: vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat.

>> Group Blood AB
– more varied diet .
– Predisposition to anemia.
– Key foods NO: oilseeds, butter, red meat, wheat, corn and buckwheat, red bean.
– food YES: tofu, vegetables, fish, dairy products, algae.

The best musical films of all time

The best musical films reach Hobby Consoles. Let’s review the very best that Hollywood has given us and musical films in the last seventy years. Since the last Golden Age until today. Are you ready to sing?

“But what happens here, we have gone crazy?”, “How to musical theater? “Or” I have returned Hobby Consoles about moñas, we want more explicit galleries fatalities and full nudity! “Some might say.

But we know the truth. For example, you, yes you, with there, playing with Orc Warrior of WoW and goes by the nickname  SatanasMascaCraneosEscupeFetos , you are that every time he hears Roxanne out of his hands a tear. And you, the addict average eviscerate Greece Kratos , do not hide. Everyone knows that you sing as a tenor come up Music in the night every time you get into the shower. And, uh, we do not forget you, friend. I said: WE HAVE CAUGHT.

And, however much that anyone says otherwise, the film is a genre film music very well established in theaters. A classic without which it could not fully understand the success of the seventh art and which have grown practically all of us here. For this reason, we will do a review of what we consider to be the best musical films we’ve seen, you can easily find them on movie2k

Singin ‘in the Rain (1952)

Gene Kelly , Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds star in this dramatic comedy that weall remember the Barmy put that although made a soup, still singing in the rain.Curiously, it was not milk it was raining (as they say), so that the camera could capture itand no water. Really it got to see the water with lighting effects. What is certain is that the poor Gene Kelly shot the sequence with 39 degrees of fever.

The plot of this old musical film, a basic classic, revolves around Don Lockwood , a silent film star, he sees as the industry changes dramatically with the advent of talkies.Changes in productions reach almost Lockwood unexpectedly while knows love.

Chicago (2002)

Rob Marshall adapts the eponymous Broadway classic John Kander, which in turn is based on a play of 1926. This film starring Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere narrates a process of murder in the middle of Prohibition in Chicago.

A housewife is accused of murdering her lover in cold blood and faces the death row. To avoid this, it will use all kinds of tricks and picaresque in order to escape the pillory and achieve their dreams: to be a showgirl. Did you get? We do not just tell you how. We do not want jorobaros one of the most amazing, funny finals and, in a way, gender acids.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Joel Schumacher directs this adaptation of the eponymous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Cats), which in turn is based on the black gothic novel by Gaston Leroux. Based on a success on stage, the Schumacher film up for historical inaccuracies and some other narrative inconcreción with an impressive assembly and a brilliant adaptation of the songs.

Emmy Rossum (Inside, Dragonball Evolution ), Gerard Butler ( 300 , Rockanrolla) and Patrick Wilson ( Watchmen , Fargo series) star in this romantic drama. The film, set in France in the late nineteenth century, tells how a young singer becomes an object of desire and obsession of a complicated genius deformed face, dwelling in the catacombs of the Palace of the Paris Opera.

Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

One of the best films considered the genre. Based on the 1964 musical, Fiddler on the Roof portrays the life of a Jewish community in the early twentieth century in the village of Anatevka in Tsarist Russia. The plot centers on the last years of this community, before the czarist edicts compel Jews to emigrate outside the empire.

Tevye (played by Chaim Topol, Zarkov in Flash Gordon ) must deal with the changes that operate in the small community and the fact that their daughters grow and challenge tradition and what is expected of them. Tevye, the protagonist of the play, also serves asnarrator. The title refers to the precarious situation of the violinist, who tries to touch up a roof, even at the risk of falling and breaking his neck. This analogy compares the hypothetical violinist with the Jewish community of Anatevka, which should make “juggling” to survive the increasing pressure from their Orthodox neighbors and, in particular, the tsarist authorities.

Grease (1978)

“You’re the One That I Want uh uh uh !! ” As you say you have not never sung this song is to call you mentiruscos to the face and stay perfectly calm. Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (Pulp Fiction, The Punisher ) are the stars of this teen comedy school in musical key with which several generations have danced, sung and (why not say it ?) Laughed.

Set in the Roaring 50 in the US, the film tells the courtship and heartbreaks of Sandy, the new girl in school, and malote Dany Zuko. Grease it is a reference to the brilliantine (grease) that the character Travolta and his colleagues put in your hair for maquearse and that led to a small group of subculture in the 50s, known as greasers. By the way, this film, also comes from a play of the same name.

Moulin Rouge (2001)

This really is an original film, though some say it is based on The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas. Ewan McGregor ( Star Wars ) and Nicole Kidman (Stoker, Wide Eyes Shut) are the heads of this musical film in key jukebox, which remakes numerous works of pop and rock.

Moulin Rogue takes us to Paris in 1900. A depressive Scottish writer remembers his beloved, narrating his memoirs in which recounts how they met and lived their passionate romance. However, neither fate nor fortune seems to smile at the pair of lovers, whose desire to be together challenge the Fates and society in which they live.

Paint Your Wagon (1969)

They originally titled “Paint Your Wagon” (Paint your car), Paint Your Wagon is a musical comedy western with frame picaresque as a base. Clint Eastwood (yes, that Clint Eastwood), Lee Marvin and  Jean Seberg are protagonists of this story set in Gold Rush and tells the settlement of a small mining town, located on a rich gold basin. It recounted the plot, quite light but very bad baba way, what happened to the adventurous man of the nineteenth century when he was about to create their own redoubt of civilization.

By the way, curiosities: This film, although western, is quite squishy. As a result,  The Simpsons the parodied for a chapter in which Homer was expecting a film shooting and death and a movie they loved Lisa and Marge encontrócon. On the other hand (ouch, gossiping, cotillero!) Production was a disaster. Director Lee Marvin told that this could not sing. As a result, the actor urinated on boots when the filmmaker director. They did not return to shoot any scenes together. In addition, Jean Seberg and Clint Eastwood messed up . The husband of the latter, died of jealousy, came shooting in the backlot. He did not kill anyone. Unless a mule, you can watch it also on putlocker .

Les Miserables (2012)

In 2012, and after many attempts, this French classic musical came to the movies with a star cast, narrating one of the most exciting and emblematic stories of world literature.But well thought out , this acclaimed film version starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried hardly needs an introduction. In fact, all recall that Anne Hathaway received the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in this film.

Based on the novel by Victor Hugo , the plot follows Jean Valjean, a convicted criminal, fair and reconverted faith by the grace of a religious merciful man. Always fleeing from justice, and taking care of a young orphan Valjean will witness political and revolutionary changes in France in the early nineteenth century.

The Producers (2005)

Mel Brooks ( Spaceballs ) are remakes himself adapting the musical which in turn is based on one of his first films. The plot is set in 1950 to 1960 in Broadway. A ruined Jewish music producer learns from his accountant, also Jewish, that if a bad work they have to close the day of the premiere, will not have to pay neither wealth nor investors is made. Unwilling to give the pitch of their lives, the duo gives the mother of teatras fiascos: “Springtime for Hitler, the merry adventures of Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden”, a work that will offend people of any creed, nationality, sex and religion … However, something is not as expected.

This funny satire about the world of theater and Broadway cast featured a father and Sir, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Ferrell … oh, and John Barrowman, who will remember more for his role Merlyn in Arrow and Captain Jack in Doctor Who. 0:40 minute video check it out for the in.

My Fair Lady (1964)

Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn star in this adaptation of the play , which in turn is based on the novel Pygmalion (1913). The story is set in the London of the late nineteenth century and tells how Henry Higgins, a bachelor English gentleman, makes a bet with another gentleman to educate a young florist, lacking training or manners, with the intention of straining at a reception real, by passing through a great lady.

This endearing romantic comedy could be a victim of dubbing of his time, precisely because the original version was subtle nuances and a strong emphasis on accents londisenses different classes. However, his translation of the time managed to overcome this obstacle with good sense, although purists still prefer to hear the original version.By the way, who sang was not Audrey Hepburn, but a singer who recorded the subjects under study. In fact, to replace Julie Andrews, original musical actress and who by then was running Mary Poppins, made Hepburn had to deal with a lot of criticism of him.Very reluctantly, that yes, the paper nailed it.

Sound of Music (1965)

And speaking of Julie Andrews . This actress in 1965 made another musical for which he has passed into history. Known in its original version as The Sound of Music (or The Sound of Music in Latin America), The Sound of Music was based on the true story of pseudoficticia von Trapp family. The plot tells how a novice governess goes home widower Baron von Trapp and ends up becoming the nanny and best friend of the children of this.

This musical, perhaps buenista in excess, is however one of those gems that leaves us some other good taste because of that innocence and has innanta whiteness. In addition, on the other hand, the musical numbers are still a little gem of popular culture and cinema.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

In 1975 came the movie a success of the London theaters: The Rocky Horror Show . The play, like the film, parodying the genre of tapes and series-B horror movies and science fiction series-B. A very young Susan Sarandon exercised heroin, something sappy and dead midge, while Tim Curry (yes, Arl Howe of Dragon Age: Origins) a corset is wore and became a “sweet transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the Transylvania galaxy.”

A milestone in the struggle for sexual freedom and a speech parody and criticism of the strict traditional social and sexual roles, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a prank that has laid the basis of showbiz. In fact, it is said that there is a film remake underway. Will you do honor to the cutrísima, but unrepeatable first film, which also had himselfMeatloaf ? We doubt it .

West Side Story (1961)

Adaptation of a Broadway play and a story of Romeo and Juliet modern. Well, modern for 1960, of course. The protagonists are Maria and Tony , two members of rival gangs of bad roads in the depths of New York who fall in love tragically. Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer were the protagonists of this racial drama (Maria’s family is Puerto Rican) that left us great songs like this “Mariaaaaa, I just met a girl named mariaaa” I Feel Pretty or archiconocido America. Another momentazo is that final potpourri so successfully parodied the film South Park. You can also watch the musical film on  movie2k.

Eye to the data! The original plan was that Elvis Presley was in charge of the role of Tony, while Audrey Hepburn was about being Maria. What a would have been that! 10 Oscars won anything West Side Story . It became the most awarded of all time musical film. Watch more here couchtuner!

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